A number of forms are available to download from this site.
Using on-line forms saves time and expense of printing and postage.
Postal forms are available from the British Carriagedriving office on request.
Please note: All forms requiring payment must be done via the MEMBERS LOGIN portal. Payment methods are: credit/debit card or BACS.
British Carriagedriving forms  
British Carriagedriving Membership MEMBER LOGIN
Accident / incident report BC INSURANCE
Driver Competence Form DOWNLOAD PDF
Photographer registration form ON-LINE FORM
BC Council election - Nomination & Nominee Forms DOWNLOAD PDF
International Forms  
International FEI event entry form ON-LINE FORM
Team GB International Selection Form MEMBER LOGIN
FEI Driver Registration form MEMBER LOGIN
FEI Horse Registration form MEMBER LOGIN
FEI horse passport application or renewal MEMBER LOGIN
FEI Horse passport change of ownership form MEMBER LOGIN
On-line payment & ordering  
British Carriagedriving Clinics booking MEMBER LOGIN
British Carriagedriving Rulebook order MEMBER LOGIN
BACS payment (general payments to BC) MEMBER LOGIN
Anti-doping & Clean Sport  
FEI and BEF Forms and information LINK
BEF Rulebook and Anti-doping regulations LINK
BEF FEI Medication Log-book DOWNLOAD PDF
DEFRA forms
Essential forms required when taking horses abroad
EXA31 - Application for Veterinary Health Certification
for export of horses to member states of the EU
Guidance notes for completion of DEFRA form EXA31 DOWNLOAD PDF
EHX06 - Export Declaration for horses DOWNLOAD PDF
EXH07 - Export Declaration for ponies DOWNLOAD PDF
Welfare arrangements - guidance for exporters DOWNLOAD PDF