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British Young Drivers On-foot training
22 October 2017

by Alice Rutherford

It’s not everyday you get to long rein your mother! But that is just one of the activities I got involved in at the recent British Young Drivers training session at the Unicorn Trust on the 22nd of October!

I had been to the very impressive Unicorn Trust before for a couple of the junior Easter Camps, but as this was a few years ago, I was a bit unsure about what to expect on this training day.

Mum and I had left home early and arrived at Stow on the Wold in time for coffee and cake and a lovely welcome.

Mum was quickly introduced to some other parents, some of whom we recognised from the Easter Camps, and Emily came over for a chat and put as at our ease.

My group started the day with a bitting session run by Roger Campbell one of the team GBR pony drivers.

He was supposed to be there with some of his ponies but storm Brian had left them stuck in Calais!

Luckily mum had her phone on Google images, when we were all asked what bits we use to drive our ponies. As someone who drives a mini Shetland with a small mouth I was able to discuss the merits of the strangely named “Pee Wee” bit.

Our second session was the long reining. With Roger's ponies in France, we made do with long reining each other - including navigating some poles with our eyes shut.

It was a really interesting exercise and taught us a lot, including how little pressure you need on your reins to guide your pony, how a consistent feel on the reins makes a lot of difference, that being tense really does travel down the reins, and how we must give a command and wait sufficient time for our pony to respond – especially when asking for a halt and rein back.

Rosanna Walters-Symons, another team GBR member then gave a talk about Sport Psychology with lots of relevant examples and some fun exercises. It was really interesting, and gave us lots of practical tips and ideas we can put into use ourselves.

I thought it was good idea to concentrate on the things I can control at a competition such as my own warm up, my pony and my support team but not to waste time worrying about things like how my fellow competitors are doing and the weather, as there really is nothing I can do about them!

After a nice lunch (food at the Unicorn is always good!) we had a talk about plans for 2018 including the European Youth Driving champs and how you might be able to work towards qualifying for that.

And to finish off we went outside where Roger and Rosanna had us running round the obstacles to work out the best routes. Thanks for everyone involved for a fun and interesting day and hope to see some of you again at Easter!

Dates for 2018

31 March - 2 April
Easter Training Clinic

BYD Championships
Sandringham, Norfolk
29 June - 2 July 2017

Report by Isobel Wesbroom-Warr

This year, the Young Drivers' National Championships were held at the Royal Estate at Sandringham in Norfolk by gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen.

A new format this year gave Young Drivers the opportunity to enter either their usual National Class or to enter the Class within their age group.

There were 9 entries in Young Driver classes ranging from age group 10-11 years to 19-25 years, with the classes seeing some newcomers as well as more experienced juniors, and two young drivers in the National classes.

It was noted that all Young Drivers were very well presented throughout and much shining and polishing had been done, especially prior to the Dressage phase.

Dressage scores ranged from 44.13 to 70.67, which fell into line with the National competitors of the day, so a “Well Done” to everybody.

The venue was a golden opportunity to drive a national course and gain valuable experience of driving international obstacles.

The BYD’s drove the first six obstacles, which included water and a bridge.

Very good spectating areas for obstacles allowed family and followers to see you drive them all.

That evening, a small informal supper had been arranged for the juniors and this was a great way to get together after a very busy day.

A big thank you to all who had organised this, it was very welcome!

The Cones on Sunday morning proved Young Drivers are more than capable of taking to the main arena.

Everyone drove well and between us produced four double clears.

At that time there was a formal prize giving with a commemorative medal.

We all did a lap of honour, which was a lovely way to finish the competition.

Young Drivers are aware of all the hard work and preparation required to organise a championship and we would like to say thank you to everyone concerned.

This was a great weekend with a sense of occasion which was made greater because of the other events going on at the same time including a Coaching Club meet and Attelage, something many of us had not seen before.

Team Basil


1st place in 15-18 y.o. class (3B)  went to Colette Holdsworth

Sean Lewis, winner of Class 2B (12-14 years). Photo by Amy Mundell.

Amelia Waddicor being presented with 1st place prise for class 4B. Photo by Amy Mundell.

British Young Drivers Championships 2017
Class 2B 12-14 years Singles Young driver   1st Sean Lewis
          2nd Nicole Holdsworth
Class 3B 15-18 years Singles Young driver   1st Colette Holdsworth
          2nd Isobel Wesbroom-Warr
Class 4A 19-25 years Singles National   1st Grace Smith
Class 4B 19-25 Years Singles Young driver   1st Amelia Waddicor
          2nd Jack Brooks

Amelia Waddicor, winner of Class 4B (19-25 years). Photo by Heritage Snapper.

Grace Smith, winner of Class 4A (19-25 years). Photo by Heritage Snapper.

Oliver Bennet. Photo by Heritage Snapper.

British Carriagedriving
Young Drivers' Championships
The Young Drivers' National Championships were held on 29 June - 2 July at the Royal Estate at Sandringham in Norfolk by gracious permission of Her Majesty The Queen.
Report by Isobel Wesbroom-Warr
British Carriagedriving
Young Drivers'

Easter Camp 2017

British Carriagedriving
Young Drivers'
On-foot training day