ATVs at Driving Trials

Many competitors use some form of motorised transport to get around the course at driving trials. These may be many types of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), quad bikes, motorcycles, SUVs or ordinary cars.

At each event, the event organiser will stipulate in the schedule whether there are any restrictions on the use of motorised vehicles and on which parts of the course or showfield. These instructions, as well as any others pertaining to the use of motorised vehicles MUST be followed.

It is not permitted to take a vehicle into any obstacle, the dressage arena or the cones course. Special arrangements exist for drivers with disabilities - see below.

British Carriagedriving do not issue ATV passes to competitors wishing to take their quad bikes or scooters to events. Unless an event organiser specifically states otherwise, these vehicles can normally be used at events.

The burden of responsibility for insurance now falls onto the owner or driver of the vehicle, who will be fully responsible in the event of an accident. Please make sure you have adequate and valid third party cover for these machines, which must also extend to any other persons who have been given permission to use your vehicle.


Ride safely and sensibly at all times ! Obey any instructions or requests from the event organisers and stewards.

ATVs and motorbikes must only carry the number of people for which they are designed and must not be ridden by children.

The guidance in the British Carriagedriving Safety Policy Statement must be followed and it is strongly recommended that suitable and properly secured hard hats should be worn.

The Health & Safety Executive have published an information sheet on the safe use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in agriculture and forestry, which is available to download. (Agriculture Information Sheet No.33) Please read this - it contains much useful information.

Competitors with Disabilities

Passes for competitors with disabilities will be issued by British Carriagedriving. These passes do not confer any insurance cover on the owner/driver of the vehicle and competitors remain responsible for obtaining their own cover.

These passes will merely entitle the competitor to use their machine in the obstacles and on the cones course.

Please contact the British Carriagedriving office if you require one of these passes.