Since the introduction of driving trials, the sport has grown rapidly in popularity. It is a sport that has “No Limits”, catering for everyone at all levels. Many able-bodied and disabled people receive a tremendous amount of enjoyment from their contact with horses and now driving trials have become an increasingly popular sport for people challenged by disability, with competition between all abilities on a level playing field. As seen in national competition the number of drivers with disabilities is on the increase. Not only does driving trials encourage equal competition it also provides a great adrenaline rush.  
Competing as a Para competitor in mainstream competition
Para drivers are categorised into one of two Grades, following an assessment by a National or International Classifier. Find out what this process involves.

The Carriage Driving Sports Group for drivers with disabilities

There are currently 10-15 countries widely practising the sport. This number is not yet enough to apply for the discipline to be included in Equestrian Paralympic Sport. With encouragement increasing from the FEI carriage driving organisation, it is hoped that it will not be long before many more countries are entering their disabled drivers in both national and international competitions. Drivers at the Championships are divided into two classes depending on their degree of disability; each team has to include one member who is a grade 1. Drivers are profiled according to the limbs that work and are used whilst driving. Thus depending on their profile they are graded 1 or 2 – Grade 1 being the more severe disabilities.

The Carriage Driving Group for Drivers with Disabilities promotes competitive carriage driving for disabled people in Britain. CLICK HERE to visit their website.

   Para-Equestrian is an FEI discipline. CLICK HERE to go to their website.