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Full steam ahead for Midlands Carriagedriving
It’s now full steam ahead for Midlands Carriagedriving (MC) in 2019 as the club has not only secured a venue for its championships next September, but also a new venue for July.

Thoresby Hall has kindly agreed to host MC’s Club Championships in September as well as a regular two-day event in May.

In addition, MC is delighted to announce that Frickley Park in South Yorkshire will be the venue for competition in July.

MC Chairman Dave West said: “Frickley Park, which is a lovely country estate, is more in North East Driving Trials’ area than ours, so I am very pleased that the North East Chairman, Barry Hilditch, is happy for us to hold a competition ‘over the border’. It shows how British Carriagedriving’s affiliated clubs can work together for the betterment of the sport and to benefit competitors.”

Thoresby Hall is the venue for MC's Club Championships in 2019. Photo by Kingswood Associates.

MC now has a full season of events booked, all are two-day excepting Anslow, near Tutbury (20 and 21 April) which is a training day plus one-day event.

The others are Thoresby Hall (18 and 19 May), Locko Park by kind permission of the Trustees of Locko Estate (8 and 9 June), Frickley Park (6 and 7 July), Onley Grounds Regional and British Young Drivers’ Championship (3 and 4 August)

Finally, the MC Club Championships at Thoresby Hall (14 and 15 September).

For more information on MC events, how to join the club and enter competitions please visit: www.midlandscarriagedriving.co.uk

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