British Carriagedriving
Members' Personal Accident Insurance

Following a recent review of our membership structure and insurance arrangements, British Carriagedriving are pleased to be able to tell you that a new member’s personal accident insurance scheme is now up and running.

The existing group policy will remain in place until the end of this year. Full, associate, young driver and marathon groom members will, therefore, still have the existing cover until membership renewals at the end of this year.

A summary of that cover is on pages 93 and 94 of the 2017 BC Yearbook (also see below). There are some minor changes to the wording, as the policy has been moved to Amtrust, and further information is available on request.

The new scheme is active now, and will run alongside the existing cover for the rest of this year.

As from 1st January, the existing group cover will lapse and members wanting personal accident insurance will have to join the new scheme.

The new scheme offers more extensive benefits, but on an opt-in basis. Members who want the new cover will, therefore, need to purchase this cover individually.

A new, dedicated website has been set up specifically to enable you join the scheme.

British Carriagedriving urge you all to look at the cover available and give serious consideration purchasing this extended cover.

Please go to:

Please note, if you haven’t visited this site before, you will need to register and set up an account before you can retrieve a quotation.

British Carriagedriving
Members' Personal Liability Insurance

All BC Members and Marathon Groom subscribers are automatically insured for personal liability in respect of their personal equestrian related activities, provided that they are normally domiciled in the United Kingdom or Irish Republic.

Who is insured?

As an individual, full, young or associate Member or Marathon Groom Subscriber of BC you are automatically insured for personal liability in respect of your own personal equestrian related activities, provided that you are normally domiciled in the United Kingdom or Irish Republic.  Business activities need separate insurance.  Young persons (aged 8 years or over) who are not Members are covered whilst attending BC Junior Clinics, Summer Camps and Junior Championships only.

The policy also covers another person who is riding or driving your horse with your permission, provided they have no other insurance. If your horse is kept at livery or is loaned to someone else and used for non-business purposes you are still covered.

If a parent or guardian of a Member is sued as a result of an action by their child, the policy provides cover for the parent or guardian.

What is covered?

If an incident occurs which involves bodily injury to another person (called the third party) or loss of or damage to their property, the aggrieved person may well decide to claim against you for damages. Providing they can prove that you were legally liable (which generally involves you having been negligent) then the policy will pay for such damages as have been awarded by a Court of Law - in practice the majority of cases are settled “out of court”.

The policy will pay damages up to £30,000,000 for any one claim and the number of claims is unlimited. It also pays all costs incurred with the consent of Underwriters in defending the claim.

If it is decided that you are not liable at law (even if you feel a moral responsibility) then the third party is not entitled to receive any damages, however your legal costs are still paid by the policy.

It should be stressed that many Members will have other insurances such as a household or livestock policy which will also cover personal liability.  If that is the case, the other Insurers will be asked to settle or contribute towards the claim, which helps keep down the cost of the BC policy - please co-operate with Howden UK Group Limited in providing details of your other policies.

The BC policy covers incidents in connection with the use/ownership of a horse or pony worldwide and includes the liability of one Member or Marathon Groom subscriber to another.


All insurance policies contain exclusions (circumstances in which you will not be covered); the main ones on this policy are:

1.    Claims against you by members of your family or anyone in your employ.

2.    Property in your care, custody or control (e.g. if you have a horse on loan and the horse is injured, the resultant costs are not insured).

3.    Any business or profession (the policy does not exclude instruction if no payment is received other than expenses).

4.    Horse racing, point to point racing or steeplechasing.

5.    The use of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle for hire or reward.

6.    The first £500 of each and every claim for loss of or damage to property.

7.    Marathon groom subscribers are not covered whilst engaged in competition driving.

The insurance is subject to the full terms, exceptions and conditions of the policy - a full policy summary is available on request from British Carriagedriving.

Valid until end of 2017

Personal Accident Insurance

Policy summary

British Carriagedriving Members’ Personal Accident Insurance

Underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicate 4472.

All members as defined in the rules of BC and such Marathon Groom Subscribers as have paid their subscription fee to BC are automatically covered during their membership or subscription period.  The membership or subscription period is from the inception or renewal date of their membership or subscription period (providing the membership/subscription fee is received by BC within 30 days of the said renewal date) or from the date the full annual membership/subscription fee is received by BC (whichever date is the later) until the expiry thereof.

Master Policy Period:   From   1 July 2016 at 00.01 GMT   to   1 July 2017 at 00.01 GMT

This Policy Summary is issued as a Notice of Insurance for information only.  It does not constitute a Legal Contract of Insurance and is subject to all terms, conditions, definitions and exclusions of the Master Policy held by BC (copies are available for inspection, if required, from the offices of BC), brief details of which are outlined below:

Cover/significant features

The cover afforded under the Master Policy is for all Members and Marathon Grooms as described above resident world-wide. Single Event Marathon Grooms are only covered whilst at their first BC affiliated event happening during the Policy Period, excluding whilst travelling to or from such event.  The Insurance is only in operation whilst the Insured Person is engaged in any horse related activities (excluding racing, point-to-point and driving motor cycles of any type). Cover includes the care and handling of horses and driving of horse drawn vehicles. Cover at an Organised Equestrian Event is limited to horse-related injury but extended to include travelling thereto or therefrom (although the benefits whilst travelling are restricted to Scale A below).  The term ‘Organised Equestrian Event’ includes organised practice or training sessions.  The insurance is effective world-wide.

Scale of Benefits:                                                                                    Scale A            Scale B

A... Horse Related Activities other than whilst attending an event or official practice/training session organised by or affiliated to BC, British Dressage, BHS, BS, Pony Club, BHS Riding Clubs, BE, EGB, BEV, BDS or FEI

B.... Horse Related Activities whilst attending an event or official practice/training session organised by or affiliated to BC, British Dressage, BHS, BS, Pony Club, BHS Riding Clubs, BE, EGB, BEV, BDS or FEI.

1.    Accidental Death                                                                            GBP   10,000     GBP   25,000

2.    Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes                               GBP   10,000     GBP   25,000

3.    Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye                                GBP     5,000     GBP   12,500

4.    Loss of two limbs                                                                           GBP   10,000     GBP   25,000

5.    Loss of one limb                                                                            GBP     5,000     GBP   12,500

6.    Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye and loss

       of one limb                                                                                    GBP   10,000     GBP   25,000

7.    Permanent total disablement (other than total loss of sight

       of one or both eyes or loss of limb[s])                                                GBP   10,000     GBP   25,000

8.    Medical Expenses                                                              up to     Not covered       GBP     5,000

and excluding the first GBP 250.- of each and every claim

9.    Hospitalisation:                                       per day of confinement     Not covered       GBP          50

                                                       in all in the Master Policy Period     Not covered       GBP     1,500

             and excluding the first 5 days of each and every confinement.

The Master Policy is also subject to certain Extensions, Exclusions and Conditions the more significant of which are shown hereunder:

a)    under Condition 1 of the Master Policy the Insurance excludes any claim arising from or aggravated by a previous disability of the Insured Person.

b)    under Condition 5 Insured Persons under 16 years of age are limited to GBP 5,000 in the event of death.


War and kindred risks, radioactive contamination, military service or operations, racing, point to point, air travel except to and from an equestrian event in a commercial aircraft, suicide, intentional self-injury, insanity, AIDS/ARC, deliberate exposure to danger, criminal act, alcohol, drugs, mental/emotional conditions, pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials and terrorism.

Claims Notification

Under Condition 2 of the Master Policy any potential claim should be notified as soon as reasonably practicable.  Notice in writing of any claim or intimated claim under this Insurance should be sent to Howden UK Group Limited, Woodlands, Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7LW or to  If disablement results, or may result, the Insured Person must be placed, as early as possible, under the care of a qualified medical practitioner.  In the event of a claim under this Insurance, all relevant medical records must be made available to Underwriters on request and the Insured Person will allow the medical adviser or advisers, by the appointment of Underwriters, to examine the Insured Person as often as may be deemed necessary by the said Underwriters. A claim for permanent total disablement will not be paid until at least 12 months after the accident.


If you wish to make a complaint concerning this policy you should contact Howden UK Group Limited, 16 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1BD.  Tel:  020 7133 13387 or to

In the event that you remain dissatisfied you can refer the matter to the complaints Department at Lloyd’s.  The contact details are:  Complaints and Advisory Department at Lloyd’s, One Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HA. Tel: 020 7327 5693  Fax: 020 7327 5225  Email:

Complaints that cannot be resolved by the Complaints & Advisory Department at Lloyd’s may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.  Further details will be provided at the appropriate stage of the Complaints process.

This complaint procedure is without prejudice to your right to take legal proceedings.


Lloyd’s insurers are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if a Lloyd’s insurer is unable to meet its obligations to you under this contract.  If you were entitled to compensation under the Scheme, the level and extent of the compensation would depend on the nature of the contract.

Further information about the compensation scheme arrangements is available from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme –

Cancellation Rights

Being a group policy effected by the Master Policy Holder this Insurance does not provide the member with the statutory right to cancel an Insurance within 14 days that applies to individual Insurance policy contracts.